Why The Rubens at The Palace will make you feel like royalty

If you’re planning on indulging yourself with a weekend away to the capital, then you had better treat yourself with a beautifully unique hotel.

Luckily, we found The Rubens at the Palace, and immediately felt as royal as its historic inhabitants.

The hotel itself forms part of the grounds and stables of a much earlier house on the same site, which was owned in 1703 by John Sheffield, who was made Duke of Buckingham by Queen Anne.


Since then, the site of the hotel has housed palace staff, a dress-maker extraordinaire, and was taken over by General Sikorski’s Free State Polish Army during the Second World War.

As you can imagine, the hotel is as vibrant as its history, with exquisite décor and food, transporting guests to the lavish lifestyles of bygone debutantes and duchesses.

Our room was daubed in red materials, with an incredibly comfortable regal bed – we even had a portrait of Princess Anne looking down at us.

Our window overlooked The Royal Mews, allowing us to watch the queen’s horses practice their routines as we woke up. It was magical.


There are several eating options at the hotel, such as The English Grill with its a la carte British inspired menu, and The Bbar and Restaurant, but we opted for The Curry Room.

Thank goodness we did, as I had the pleasure of eating the best curry of my life.

Located below The English Grill, The Curry Room has an incredibly intimate ambience with down-lighting and spectacular ornaments, and we wined and dined on dishes such as homemade lamb samosas, traditional beef vindaloo and chicken and prawn curry.

The food was unlike any Indian cuisine I had eaten before, showing off the truly authentic taste us Brits so often miss out on.


The price was extremely reasonable, also, with three courses including poppadums, and a selection of desserts to choose from, for just over £30 per head – the pistachio kulfi was dreamlike.

Before we knew it, it was breakfast time in The English Grill, where we set ourselves up for the day with a resplendent continental spread alongside a Full English and eggs benedict.

I felt like a princess at The Rubens, and anyone looking for a magical weekend away needs to pay it a visit.

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