Robin’s Oak in Princes Avenue is a great new place to eat – with fantastic discounts

A new restaurant has opened up at the top of my street – and I need everyone who loves steak and pasta to book a table.

Living off Princes Avenue gives you a privileged choice of bars and cuisines, from Moroccan to Indian and seafood to Spanish, and they’re all within walking distance so you don’t have the fear of being a designated driver.

But something even better arrived a couple of months ago, and there is now a fabulous steak restaurant just several doors away at the top of Blenheim Street.

Robin’s Oak took over the former Fudge Café several months ago. The building has undergone a transformation and the meat is superb.

Robins Oak steak house in Princes Avenue. Photo By Richard Addison
Robins Oak steak house in Princes Avenue. Photo By Richard Addison

We booked in on a Wednesday night at 7pm, and there were already two tables in there, which was good considering how quiet the Avenue can be on a hump-day.

We were greeted by a friendly staff member and made our way to a table in the middle of the restaurant.

I had a sneak peek at what other diners were eating as I walked passed, and the lasagne looked sensational – melted cheese and plenty of meat by the looks of it.

We didn’t need any time to order our drinks, and a bottle of cab sav arrived acceptably quick, and then we got down to the important bit of choosing our food.

The sirloin steak with peppercorn sauce at Robin's Oak
The sirloin steak with peppercorn sauce at Robin’s Oak

The starters included garlic mushrooms, chicken liver pate, deep fried squid, baked camembert and gamberoni, and we couldn’t decide to choose.

In the end, we opted for the deep fried squid with lemon aioli (£4.95) and the gamberoni – king prawns on a bed of leaves with chimichurri sauce (£5.95).

It was nice to see the food was homemade – Dave is the only chef in the kitchen I’m told – as we waited about 15 to 20 minutes for our starters.

I would say this is the optimum waiting time for a starter – enough time to have a glass of wine as well as get your tummy to vital grumbling point.

The deep fried squid with aioli at Robin's Oak
The deep fried squid with aioli at Robin’s Oak

The prawns had already been shelled which prevented any messy fingers, and there were about eight or nine plump crustaceans on a bed of green leaves and drizzled with the chimichurri sauce.

Chimichurri is a sauce originating from Argentina, and is traditionally made using finely chopped parsley, minced garlic, olive oil. Oregano, chilli flakes and red wine vinegar.

It was full of flavour and really added a zin to the perfectly cooked prawns – the starter was light and fresh.

Rather than rings, the fried quid had been cut into strips, and were accompanied by a large helping of tasty aioli and a whole lemon to squeeze over.

We carried on with the chat and wine-sipping while waiting for our main courses, and within another 20 minutes they had arrived.

The chimichurri gamberoni at Robin's Oak
The chimichurri gamberoni at Robin’s Oak

As Robin’s Oak prides itself on its steaks, it would have been rude not to choose one of the menu.

We both went for a sirloin – rare – with French fries, roasted tomato, grilled mushroom and peppercorn sauce (£17.95).

My dining partner can’t stomach mushrooms, so they gave her an extra few chips to compensate – very kind indeed!

The steaks on the menu included sirloin and rump, with other choices of gammon and lamb steaks, too.

There were pasta options such as the lasagne and also seafood dishes, as well as wild mushroom risotto, a selection of stroganoffs, some divine-sounding burgers and also a selection of salads.

The specials board is ever-changing, and on the Wednesday night it was sirloin en croute, topped with pate and served with Mediterranean vegetables and mushroom sauce.

The sirloin steak without the grilled mushroom at Robin's Oak
The sirloin steak without the grilled mushroom at Robin’s Oak

Our steaks were juicy and plump, and for the size of them, were cooked perfectly.

The peppercorn sauce was also exactly what we wanted – creamy with a fiery bite – and the French fries were as good as you can get.

The portions at Robin’s Oak are deceptively large, and I had to leave most of my chips (something I regretted deeply the next day) because of the amount of meat on my plate.

Our meal at Robin’s Oak was lovely, and it’s so refreshing to have something of quality along that small row of businesses, especially since Fudge and Ray’s Place have shut up shop.

Robins Oak steak house in Princes Avenue. Photo By Richard Addison
Robins Oak steak house in Princes Avenue. Photo By Richard Addison

Our meal came to about £65, but we didn’t realise that on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, there is 30 per cent off all food, meaning our bill was brought down to £51.

So for a really decent bottle of red, two starters and two steaks, we spent £25 a head.

We were extremely pleased, and I can’t wait to go back to try some of the amazing-looking lasagne.

Robin’s Oak

  • 93 Princes Avenue, Hull
  • 01482 349301
  • Disabled access
  • On-street parking
  • Vegetarian options available

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