Woodside Wildlife Park was a fantastic day out in the sun

Animals are better than people. Fact. My perfect idea of getting away from it all is spending my day whistling and cooing at the better members of Earth’s Animal Kingdom, and perhaps having little chats with them on the way. I’m not crazy, just passionate.

So imagine my excitement when driving home from a couple of days in Lincoln to stumble upon signs for a wildlife park, on the hottest day of the year so far.


Located in the Lincolnshire countryside, a mere 25 minutes from Lincoln city centre, Woodside has it all – otters, meerkats, lynx, crocodiles, eagles, parrots and Julia the ex-circus tiger.

We couldn’t miss the opportunity to spend a couple of hours with beautiful animals, so we immediately made our way there and bought a couple of cups of dried mealworms to feed the otters and meerkats.

It was potentially the most beautiful moment of my life so far. The otters cupped our hands to nibble the mealworms from our fingers, while squeeking with excitement and joy, and the meerkats waited patiently in line for their opportunity at a mid-morning snack.


Wandering around this wildlife park, we met Monster the tortoise grazing in the sun, Saska, Nuna, Toba and Mr Hudson the white wolves, parrots, owls, racoons, racoon dogs, capybaras, marmosets, Siberian lynx, Treacle the fallow deer and a very excitable Tapir called Tulia.

We saw the big cats being fed their daily dose of protein, the tapir snacking on bread and fruit and, if we had longer to spare, we would have caught the falconry display at 3pm.

There is a large conservatory full of butterflies and birds, a natural pond with storks, ducks and geese, a chicken coop filled with talkative hens and so much more.


I loved every minute of it.

As a pair of adults, we were able to walk around at our leisure and even enjoyed a couple of beers in the sun-drenched picnic area, but there is plenty for the younger visitors to do besides learning about wildlife.

There is a large adventure playground and an indoor picnic area, and timings throughout the day in the large barn with animal talks including Basil the fox and many of his friends.


Woodside Wildlife Park cost £10.95 for an adult entry, and is well worth the money with the amount of animals on offer, and it is especially fantastic to see them being cared for so well.

Woodside Wildlife Park

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