Why No 6 Kitchenette is the No 1 romantic hotspot in Newland Avenue

It used to be a bright and airy eatery where friends would gather for a mid-week tea, now it is the most romantic spot in Newland Avenue, and the perfect place for a luxury meal without the price tag.
No 6 Kitchenette has gone back to its roots as the popular Henry Yeast & Co, and the entire restaurant has had a makeover – including the menu.
The outside is now a gothic matte black which still manages to catch your eye while the warm glow of the chandelier softly drags you in.
WhatsApp Image 2018-04-12 at 19.23.14
The pastel wooden boards that hung around the interior walls are now a scratched, antique black, and there is a nod to the restaurants residential past with 1913 homeowner Mr Moody given pride of place on the wall.
Dried hops hang from the ceiling, tangled with soft fairy lights, and each table has its own coats peg for your convenience.
We sat down to peruse the menu and noticed immediately its likeness to Butler Whites, the restaurants cousin in Humber Street.
However, I truly think Kitchenette emits a more romantic and ethereal atmosphere, and the food is just as good, if not better than.
WhatsApp Image 2018-04-12 at 19.22.37
Our starters included potted pork, served with pork crackling, toast, apple and raisin chutney, cranberry chutney and salad, chorizo and cod fishcakes accompanied by homemade tartare sauce, and the king prawn thermidor swimming in cheese fondue.
The potted pork was succulently soft, and the apple chutney was define with the pork crackling, which I was told is slow-cooked at the bottom of the oven for several hours.
The chorizo and cod fishcakes were piping hot, but fluffy and full of flavour, and the accompanying sauce was perfect.
The most luxurious and indulgent starter is the king prawn thermidor. Large, meaty prawns nestled in a piping hot skillet with cheese/thermidor sauce, which cries out to be mopped up with the toasted bread.
WhatsApp Image 2018-04-12 at 19.22.38
To wash our starters down, I had a bottled beer and we also ordered the house sauvignon blanc, which was well worth the £18 price. A New Zealand Marlborough,  it was crisp and fresh, and worked perfectly with the main courses.
We were greeted with a plentiful portion of fresh halibut, perched atop mashed potato with a moat of a bearnaise veloute. The fish was just cooked and flaked apart beautifully, and the mash was creamy and flavoured with chives and herbs. The bearnaise veloute created the perfect sauce, and the dish was soon wolfed down without any hesitation.
It was possibly the best halibut we had ever had.
Our other choice was the panfried duck breast with dauphinoise potatoes, with carrot and orange puree and a port and cherry sauce.
WhatsApp Image 2018-04-12 at 20.33.30
Over-cooked, unrested duck is an absolute sin, and this meat was like pate. Requiring little chewing, the rendered fat was perfectly crisp and the flavour of the duck was distinct amid the other parts of the dish.
The potatoes in the dauphinoise had been sliced within an inch of their lives, creating a mille-feuille of layers with perfect flavours, and the carrot and orange puree was well-spiced.
However, the star of the show was the cherry sauce.
Plump cherries steeped in port and spices, their flavour really shone through, and their sharp yet sweet notes really partnered with the duck brilliantly.
By this point, we were too full to move, but I had to end the evening with Kitchenette’s divine rum & raisin ice cream. This boozy dessert is certainly strong, but packed with flavour and plenty of raisins.
WhatsApp Image 2018-04-12 at 19.22.38 (1)
The starters range around £7, while the mains hover around the £13 to £15 mark, but if you’re looking to dine on a budget, I would suggest heading their midweek. They will also be opening for lunch over the graduation period.
The market menu offers two courses for just £13.95, with the same quality dishes and flavours as on the main menu.
While we were dining, families and couples also arrived to try the delicious food.
Kitchenette is a now a true food destination in Newland Avenue, and the perfect atmosphere for a romantic evening or for an intimate meal with friends.
No 6 Kitchenette
  • 6 Newland Avenue
  • Call 01482 440091
  • Search No 6 Kitchenette on Facebook

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