Review of Cascara South American grill in Hessle: A hidden gem that’s heaven for meat lovers

This hidden paradise is packed full of flavour and cocktails …

If Cascara were in Humber Street it would be the best restaurant there.

A firm supporter of the newly regenerated street, there is rarely a time when I am not thinking about the food and drink on offer on Hull’s Marina.

But this week I decided to spread my wings and head further into East Yorkshire.

Cascara, a South American grill restaurant nestled in Hessle’s Prestongate is a hidden gem that needs to be visited.

We visited Cascara on a Wednesday night and found only a couple of the downstairs booths to be filled – it is only a small restaurant after all – but the service we received from the off ensured we would be in for a lovely night.

We had chosen the restaurant as a family meal after seeing mouth-watering pictures of dishes on Cascara’s Facebook page, and we had prepared ourselves for plenty of protein.


South America is famous for its grilled meat, and Cascara prides itself on cooking over charcoal for an authentic flavour.

Despite the incredible cocktail selection, we ordered several pints of Brahma, and began the hard decision of what to order.

The interior of the restaurant is simple but effective, with copper pipes contorted into light fixtures and the booths constructed from dark wood panels.

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