Review: Pizzas at the Admiral of the Humber rival any Italian restaurant

For under £6 these pizzas are a true delight.

The Admiral Of The Humber has opened with a fresh new look, including a hotel and roof terrace beer garden.

But as well as these exciting additions, they have brought in a professional pizza oven and are now making food to rival that of proper Italian restaurants.

These thin, traditional pizzas cook in just two minutes, and at just over a fiver are one of the most delicious things on Wetherspoons’ already popular menu.

Regional catering manager Jason Lea said: “Bringing a pizza oven on to our menu has been incredibly successful.

“We have a Best In Class in policy and knew that if we were going to put pizza on our menu we were going to do it properly. We weren’t prepared to buy them in pre-made, and instead use fresh dough, fresh ingredients and the proper cooking equipment.

admiral-pizza (1)

“About 50 of our restaurants are now offering pizzas from these ovens, and they are so popular in our Blackpool branch we sold 1,000 pizzas in one day.”

We visited at lunchtime on the opening day and it was already packed with people welcoming the pub back after a month-long refurbishment.

Seated in one of the comfortable, leather booths, we decided to try these new pizzas to test how good they actually were.

With choices including classic margherita, ham and mushroom, BBQ chicken and spicy meat feast, we went for a ham and pineapple and a pepperoni.

Costing just £5.99 each, we were amazed at the quality and size of the food. The thin yet crispy pizza hung over the plate and there was plenty of melted mozzarella and fresh toppings.

Unlike a takeaway pizza, there were no tacky toppings. The ham was “real ham”, the pineapple chunks were big and the pepperoni was chunky and incredibly flavoursome.

We polished the pizzas off with no problem at all. Due to the thinness of them there was just enough to satisfy our palettes.


Personally, I would normally head to Wetherspoons for a big breakfast after a night out or for cheap drinks with friends, but I was mightily impressed with this new offering and would definitely return for more.

The pizza was as good as any found in a proper Italian restaurant, but for half the price. Wetherspoons has caught on to a winner with this one.

Admiral Of The Humber is currently running a competition on its Facebook page where customers can win a complimentary stay in one of their 22 new hotel bedrooms.

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